Overview of the F.O.T.T.® Instructors


The F.O.T.T.® Instructors are trained and licensed by Kay Coombes. They conduct the Ground and Advanced Courses.
In addition, the instructors offer practical supervision and in-house trainings.


The licensed instructors


The licensed F.O.T.T.® Instructors


back row: Jim Jensen, Claudia Gratz, Doris Müller, Barbara Augustin
front row: Brit Steen Langhorn, Daniela Jakobsen, Heike Sticher, Kay Coombes, Annette Kjærsgaard, Ricki Nusser-Müller-Busch, Margaret Walker, Barbara Elferich
not in the picture: Jürgen Meyer-Königsbüscher, Angela Cordes, Malte Jädicke


Senior Instructors

As part of a course run by the F.O.T.T.® Expert Group in 2012, Kay Coombes qualified five FOrmaTT instructors as F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors.


F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors


back row: Barbara Elferich, Heike Sticher MSc, Doris Müller MSc, Claudia Gratz
in front: Kay Coombes
not in the picture: Daniela Jakobsen


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