F.O.T.T.® Instructor training


Certain FOrmaTT F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors train qualified therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists) and nurses to become F.O.T.T.® Instructors.

Professionals interested in the training are expected to have a fundamental understanding of the F.O.T.T.® approach, as well as a readiness to work intensively with the concept.

The training takes place in active assistantships, which the trainee carries out in F.O.T.T.® Ground Courses.
The trainee takes over increasingly complex teaching contents, which he/she teaches in theory and practice. He/she accompanies participant treatment groups and supports their treatment process when working with the patients. Furthermore, patient demonstrations in front of the course group are part of the training.

Close contact between instructors and trainees is fundamental, as the training steps are individually adapted to the trainee's current stage of development.


Training Instructors

The instructors are F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructors approved by Kay Coombes for training.


Duration of the training

The number of assistantships required, as well as the time frame for the entire training, is not fixed. However, one should be prepared for a period of three to five years.



  • It is recommended to negotiate expenses and costs for the training in a budget with the employer. The expenses are based on the number of assistantships.
  • The days of absence per assistantship (five course days) must be taken into account, as well as the travel expenses to the institution where the course is held, accommodation and meals.
  • 280,- Euro are to be paid to the training instructors per week of assistantship.



Claudia Gratz, F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructor, Occupational therapist 

Claudia Gratz

F.O.T.T.® Senior Instructor
Occupational therapist

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